Femini Underwear AV1S (granular vagina wall, multi skin color)



Improved from AV1! !

You can see more improvements! ! Transform yourself into a beautiful woman seamlessly! !

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What if my body size does not meet the standard size?

Answer: For every body shape, you can stretch +/- 5 inches.

What is the difference between AV1?

Answer: 1. Newly added vaginal channel 2. New granular vaginal wall design 3. Thinner edge.

Is the vaginal tube open and penetrable?

Answer: Yes, the vaginal passage is open and can penetrate.

Can I buy underwear without a penis sheath?

Answer: No, both the penile sheath and vaginal tube have been fixed to the underwear.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

L size (Waist Size 34_36inches) Max. waist stretch: 53inches, M size (Waist Size 28_34inches) Max. waist stretch: 48inches, S size (Waist Size 24_28inches) Max. waist stretch: 39inches

Skin Color

Fairskin, Latin (PANTONE Color 466C), Olive (Original)

Pubic Hair Addon

no, black_color, golden_brown_color

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