Cherry Popper


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Designed with vaginal canal sheath. You can insert a penis in the sheath, so that you and your partner to experience sexual pleasure!

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What is Cherry Popper?

Cherry Popper is a very soft colored (first color) silicone vagina, can be kept moist and never dry. Skin is smooth.

Prosthetics only 3/4 inch thick, and 100% seamless. The size of your strap molded together, which makes it possible Cherry Popper belt as tight as bonded.

Because the silicone is easily stretched, and therefore can penetrate the vagina Popper cherry, and the wearer’s penis into the same sachet.

Masturbate like a woman

Realize your female fantasy. Cherry Popper designed a vaginal canal sheath. You can insert the penis into the sheath, allowing you to experience the pleasure of female masturbation like using a vibrator.


Is the vagina penetrable?

Answer: Yes, the vaginal hole is open and penetrable.

Is it available in any size?

Answer: This is a size that fits all designs. You can adjust the elastic band to fit your size.

How to use the vibrator with Cherry Popper?

Answer: Please refer to the vibrator user manual in the accessory category.

One-month replacement guarantee, approximately ten working days for delivery!

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Weight 0.6 kg
Skin Color

Caucasian, Tan, Light Asian

Pubic Hair Addon

no, black_color

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