FEMINI underwear AV1P has greatly improved AV1!

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AV1 has improved every angle on the left and side!

The waist belt adds 2.1 inches to each leg, 0.9 inches to each short length, 2.2 inches to each back short, 1.3 inches to the sides of each thigh, and 0.75 inches to each thigh. Similar to CP-1, the waist is 2 inches high and the bottom edge is 2 inches long

3 navy designs, vagina, anus and urination

AV1P has 3 canals! ! It can be inserted and inserted into the vagina and anus holes, and provides a passage for urination so that you can urinate during insertion.

Granular vaginal wall!

We have redesigned the inner wall of the vaginal tube, plus the granular vaginal wall, you can enjoy the ultimate enjoyment during the insertion process.


What is the difference between CP-1 / 2 and CP-3?


1. Lighter weight-The weight of AV1P is lighter than CP3, only 1.2kg, you must wear it outside all day long!

2. 3 channels-AV1P has 3 channels! ! It can be inserted and penetrated through vaginal and anal holes, and provides a passage for urination so that you can urinate when placed.

3. Short side seams-AV1P has improved the quality and tailoring design, so that it should bring you a fresh feeling.

What is the most attractive feature of AV1P?

Short side seams-AV1P has improved quality and tailoring design, which should bring you a fresh feeling when selected.

AV1P now adds REAL vagina and anus analog channels, you can have your own vagina and anus, and start to enjoy the real pleasure of sexual intercourse.

Can I tighten my belt?

Answer: The maximum diameter is +5 inches, you can squeeze to fit under this size. We recommend stretching close to the body.

Can the vagina and anus penetrate?

Answer: Yes, the latest silicone technology allows us to best simulate vaginas that allow intercourse and penetration.

Can I pee while wearing it?

Answer: Yes, we have built-in penile sheath, you can pee through the anal hole like a woman!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions N/A

L size (Waist Size 34_36inches) Max. waist stretch: 53inches, M size (Waist Size 28_34inches) Max. waist stretch: 48inches, S size (Waist Size 24_28inches) Max. waist stretch: 39inches

Skin Color

Caucasian, Tan, Light Asian

Pubic Hair Addon

no, black_color, golden_brown_color

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