FEMINI GIRDLE CP4有阴道,肛门和导尿管!


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What is the difference between CP4?


1. New vaginal passage

2. New granular vaginal wall design

3. Thinner edges.

What special functions does CP4 and CP4S have?

2 channels-Compared with CP4, the CP4S belt has 2 channels. It can be inserted and penetrated into the vagina. There is also a urination channel for you to pee while you are wearing.

What is the most attractive feature of CP4S?

CP4s now adds a REAL vagina simulation channel, you can have a granular vagina to have your own vagina, start to enjoy the feeling of real sexual intercourse, let us become higher! !

1. Newly added vaginal channel 2. New granular vaginal wall design 3. Thinner edge

Can I tighten my belt?

Answer: The maximum stretch is +5 inches. You can stretch and fit in this size. We recommend stretching close to the body.

Is the vagina penetrable?

Answer: Yes, the latest silicone technology allows us to best simulate vaginas that allow sexual intercourse and penetration.

Can I pee while wearing it?

Answer: Yes, we have built-in penis sheath, you can pee through the anal hole like a woman!

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg

L size (Waist Size 34~36inches) Max. waist stretch: 53inches, M size (Waist Size 24~28inches, Max. waist stretch: 47inches

Skin Color

Caucasian, Tan, Light Asian

Pubic Hair Addon

No, Yes – Black color, Yes – Golden Brown color

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