Femini Girdle CP3



Femini Girdle is the most advanced silicone prosthesis in the world!

Femini Girdle is a life that looks and feels the same, and is the most advanced silicone prosthesis in the world. Ideal for dressing and other fetishes.

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You don’t need to use the pads on Femini Girdle CP-3, we have done it for you.

The belt is easy to put on and gives the wearer a natural sense of bounce and movement-just smooth yourself with baby powder, then step into the belt like other belts… pull it up and tie it around your waist.


Can I tighten my belt?

Answer: The maximum contraction length of the waist is 46 inches. You can squeeze and fit under this waist.

Is the vagina penetrable?

Answer: Yes, the latest silicone technology allows us to best simulate vaginas that allow intercourse and penetration.

Can I pee while wearing it?

Answer: Yes, we have built-in penile sheath, you can pee through the urination hole like a woman!

What is the difference between CP-1 and CP-2?


1. CP3 adds 1 inch to the front of each butt, 2 inches to the back of each butt, 2 inches to the side of each thigh, and 1 inch to each thigh. Waist is 3 inches higher than CP-1, and the lower edge is 5 inches longer

2. CP3 now adds a REAL vagina simulation channel, you can now have your own vagina and enjoy the feeling of real sex.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Skin Color

caucasian, tan, light-asian

Pubic Hair Addon

no, yes—black-color, yes—golden-brown-color

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