TD2 Real Rubber Doll Bodysuit



Improved from TD-1! !

You can see more improvements! ! Transform yourself into a beautiful woman seamlessly! !

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Strengthen hips and pads

-Exquisite urination and vaginal passage, better insertion experience

Hidden zipper design on side entrance

-Bigger breasts to E cup


Through the well-designed vaginal passage and urination passage, you can truly experience a real woman, peeing like a woman, making a woman feel sexy.


This dress is made of soft fleshy (such as silicone rubber), with ultra-realistic female genitalia and very feminine breasts. D-cup breasts are only composed of very elastic outer skin and nipples, so you can use any quality in your body Selection of breasts.


1 month replacement guarantee

During this period, we will only replace it due to manufacturer’s defects and will not refund due to the nature of the product. **


Estimated delivery time is 15 working days.


If my body size does not meet the standard size?

Answer: For every body shape, you can stretch +/- 5 inches.

Do I need to wear breasts before wearing tights?

Answer: Each of our breasts has a cotton fiber insert, you can replace it with any breast shape at will.

Does the suit have a vaginal opening or penetration?

Answer: Yes, the vaginal passage of the bodysuit is open and penetrable.

Is the female mask in the picture also included in the coverall?

Answer: No, suits do not include female masks, you can buy them separately in our female masks section.

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Skin Color

caucasian, tan, light-asian

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