Femini Penis Sheath PS-5


Makes you look bigger, thicker and longer, better stimulation for your female G-spot.

Multifunctional Penis Sleeve for ErectionHealthy Materials: It is made with medical

Medical grade silicone rubber, odorless.

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Material:medical grade silicone rubber.
Size: 17X4X3.5CM
Weight: about 200 grams.


how to clean after use?

just wash with warm soapy water.

Do I fit into it?

the sheath is made of highly elastic silicone rubber material, it stretch 5+inch of its original size, you can stretch it.

what’s the ultimate pleasure of wearing it?

you feel ultimate pleasure during insertion, the tight, the pressure and the suctioning effect give you unbelievable effect that you and your partner can experience!

Additional information

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