Male Waist Trainer Corset, Non Binary Tummy


Highest quality acrylic mesh gives the garment its superb control, slimming your abdomen and tightening your butt when worn under clothes.

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Is the shoe size US size?

Yes,If you use EU or any other international sizing, find the exact CONVERSION to USA sizing on Google, and then choose 2.5-3 sizes bigger ACCORDING TO THE USA CHART.

How do men choose shoe size?

Sizing depends a lot on the way a shoe has been cut to feminize them. And how your feet are shaped (wider, slimmer etc.). Our master craftsman suggests you go 2.5 to 3 sizes up (from your normal shoe size) but that is a rule-of-thumb. Please check the individual designs, and shape of your feet to decide.

How do women choose shoe size?

For women, please take your normal shoe size.

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Black, Skin colour


L-size penis sheath, L-size crotch opened, XL penis sheath, XL crotch opened, 2XL penis sheath, 2XL crotch opened

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