Fem Breast (F-Cup)



Fem Breast专为跨性别者设计,在解剖学上是正确的。由柔软的肉状硅橡胶制成,假体紧身连衣裤营造出完美的女性形态。女性的乳房超级真实。

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Natural breast is a very soft, strong and elastic breast torso, and they stretch to many times their original size without tearing. When removed, they return to their original size. Tight and stretchy like pantyhose, they are silky smooth and will shape your body for a sexy female form.

The breast pockets stretch to accommodate the breast forms of your choice. However, for best results we recommend that you use our Implants. Only our Implants will give you cleavage.

Unlike breast forms, our silicone implants are much softer, have bounce and create cleavage. In appearance, movement and touch they are stunningly realistic, and it is virtually impossible to differentiate them from natural breasts.

What’s new?

1. new skin color – dark skin latin color is now available
2. new thin invisible edge – people hardly see you are wear a breast torso
3. realistic nipple – we guarantee that you can’t find the difference in compare with real woman.

One month replacement guarantee

During which time we will only replace due to manufacturer defects, and there are no refunds due to the nature of the product.**


Approximate shipping time is 10 business days.

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